We can't go into the eggplant and think of a bad meal. Its meze, salad, stuffed stuff ... Try the eggplant, which is a feast for the palates with everything, in the style of the Bergama region. You will prepare a delicious start for your loved ones with the eggplant roast recipe. Moreover, it will be an indispensable recipe for those who love olive oil dishes. In addition, this flavor, which is suitable for every budget, will serve as a base for your stomachs before your main meal.

Olive oil and tomatoes are indispensable for this dish. Using olive oil instead of oil during the frying phase makes the eggplants both lighter and more flavored. In addition, it is cooked for a long time with tomatoes on low heat and does not look like the flavor of pot dishes. Do not forget that it can be stored longer because it contains olive oil and it can be more delicious when consumed cold! Come to the kitchen to prepare this practical recipe.

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-1 kg eggplant
-5-6 large tomatoes
-4-5 green peppers
-3-4 cloves of garlic
-Oil for frying (olive oil)

45 Minutes

5 servings

How to make

Washed eggplants are peeled mottled and cut into lengths.
It is kept in saltwater for a while.
Peppers are separated from their stems and their seeds are cleaned.
The dried eggplant and peppers are fried in oil. (Bergama is also fried with olive oil)
Tomatoes are peeled, cut into cubes, after the frying process is finished in the same pan, the excess oil is drained (some remains) fried eggplant and peppers are placed.
Chopped tomatoes and garlic are added with the preferred amount of salt.
A lid is added, cooked until the tomatoes are melted. Enjoy your meal.

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