Albanian Liver Recipes


Albanian liver is an appetizer made by slicing the liver into small pieces and then frying it with flour. It is served hot or cold as desired, the indispensable onion salad with sumac / parsley. Although it is a known fact that cumin is good for liver, there are also those who prefer to squeeze lemon juice.

Albanian liver, prepared by frying in hot oil and having certain tips, is an appetizing and mouth-watering starter recipe.

The beginning is, of course, his name in the population. We call it one of the most beautiful flavors that you can eat whenever you want, or put it in bread if necessary.

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-500 grams of fresh veal liver (remove the skin at the butcher or make cobblestone liver)
-1 teaspoon salt
-1 tea glass of flour
-1 teaspoon of sweet red pepper
-Half a glass of oil

For the salad:

-1 red onion
-Half a bunch of parsley
-1-2 teaspoons of sumac
-1 teaspoon salt

For the Cube:

2 large potatoes

To fry;

-Liquid oil

40 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

Albanian livers are loved by many. However, if the liver is not cooked correctly, it will be hard and tasteless. I had the liver prepared for my butcher. Cut your lungs into cubes. Never wash the liver. Take it in a colander and let it drain. 2-3 drops of blood drained from my lungs.

While the liver is draining, prepare the salad and potatoes.
Dice the potatoes and fry.
Take the fried potatoes on a towel.
For the salad, chop the onions in parsley. Chop the parsley. Add the sumac and salt and mix. Mix 1 tea glass of flour with salt.
Put the lungs in it and make it all covered with flour.
Put oil in the pan. Prevent it from getting too hot, put the lungs in, and make sure they are all covered with oil.
Another trick is that we shouldn't put the liver in hot oil. Fry by stirring continuously for 5-8 minutes.
Just before taking it off the heat, add the red sweet pepper and mix and remove from the heat.
Combine the liver, potato, and salad on a serving plate and serve. Enjoy your meal.

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