Ayvalık Toast


Eating bread as toast goes back almost as far back as Ancient Egypt, but they made toast not for pleasure as we do today, but to keep the bread moist for longer.

Over the centuries, toast has also updated itself and fortunately has updated. Otherwise, how would we meet with that famous, wonderful, delicious Ayvalık toast? It is a magnificent taste that is easy to make and has almost all the ingredients that a toast lover would look for. Do not underestimate it as a toast, because it would be a shame to treat itself as just a snack.

It definitely has the power of a great main course and it is quite full. We share the classic recipe with you, you can add another flavor to your toast by adding or removing it. The palate is yours, the pleasure is yours. Bon appetit already.

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-4 pieces of big toast bread (for 2 people)
-6 thin slices of cheddar cheese
-10 sausages (small size)
-15 thin slices of salami
-7-8 slices of sausage
-1 tomato
-1 small bowl of Russian salad
-3-4 pickled cucumbers
-2-3 tablespoons of oil to sauté meat

25 Minutes

2 Servings

How to make

Finely chop the sausages and salami.
Slice cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber and tomato lengthwise.
Saute sausages, salami and sausages in a teflon pan with a little oil.
Heat the toast bread in the machine for about 1 minute.
Put the sausage, salami and sausage.
Serve by adding Russian salad, pickles and tomatoes.

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