Baked Chicken Recipe


Leave aside all the recipes you have tried until this time, the chicken you ate. Today, we will introduce you to a completely different recipe for chicken. Resting in a delicious marina, chicken drumsticks are gently cooked in the oven with spicy vegetables. Delicious smells are starting to rise from the oven. Chickens with plenty of tomato paste are cooked softly, and at the last stage, the container is opened and flushed like a pomegranate.

The secret is hidden in the chicken marinades, plenty of spices, olive oil, and garlic. After trying this recipe, you will not have any dryness problems with your chickens again. Health to your hands already.

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-2 pieces of chicken breast
-3 medium potatoes
-1 large eggplant
-1 courgette
-1 red pepper
-3 green peppers
-2 tomatoes
-1 onion
-4 cloves of garlic
-Liquid oil
-1 tablespoon tomato paste
-Salt, pepper, ground red pepper, chili pepper, thyme

For sauce:

-1.5 cups of hot water
-1 wipe tablespoon tomato paste

1 Hour

3 Servings

How to make

Baked Chicken Recipe Preparation
First, the aubergine is peeled and cut into cubes and left in salted water until it is bitter.
Chop the onion for cooking and put it in a bowl.
Chicken breast and all other vegetables are cut in the same size and put into a bowl.
Add garlic, salt, oil, tomato paste, and spices and mix well.
All are placed in a suitable size tray. Add tomato paste opened in hot water.
It is cooked in a 180-degree fan oven.
When they start to fry, they are mixed once and baked again.
When it is fried and the water is low, it is cooked.
Enjoy your meal 💕

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