Baked Potato Recipe with Yogurt Sauce


Is there anyone who doesn't like potatoes? Who does not dream of eating french fries with meatballs, who does not blend pre-fried potatoes with eggs and turn them into egg potatoes? No, let's not fall apart in the summer. Although its fried is good, it is possible to eat fried potatoes without sacrificing health. How Does? By frying the potatoes in the oven, of course.

In the recipe for baked french fries, we add those favorite spices and blend them with a trace amount of olive oil and take the potato slices into the oven. The more they turn crispy, the more you have to enjoy this snack for a long time.

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-4 medium potatoes
-2 tablespoons of oil
-2 tablespoons of yogurt
-1 teaspoon of salt
-1 teaspoon of pepper
-1 flick of mint
-1 flip thyme

35 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

Sauce ingredients except potatoes are whipped in a bowl.
Potatoes that are peeled and sliced ​​in the form of apple slices are added and blended beautifully.
Oiled paper is laid on a baking sheet laid and baked in a preheated 200 degree oven until golden brown.
Since I made it with the chicken, I didn't add anything else to it. But if there is any, you can add chicken wings and blend it, it will be a great flavor 👌👌

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