Baked Stuffed Peppers


The prominent dish of the olive oil quota is one of the indispensable recipes of crowded tables, stuffed peppers with olive oil. One of the tricks is to use plenty of onion to reach the climax of taste. It is essential that the rice is roasted so that it remains lightly fresh and the prepared dolma is cooked over low heat. The filling, which can be made with currants, peanuts, and cinnamon, can also be prepared with the addition of plain or grated tomatoes with lots of onions.

Do not buy stuffed peppers with meat, but the olive oil version is more popular because it can decorate the tables warm or cold. A delicious meal for vegetarians is one of the most ambitious alternatives to rice varieties.

In our childhood, we fought with our mother just to eat the pilaf inside, and some of us still can't eat their peppers because of this, and stuffed peppers are the most popping food out of ice cream boxes. But like it or not, it is one of the most iconic dishes of Turkish cuisine. Actually, there is no person whose appetite does not rise when yogurt is poured on it.

We went a long way, the rest is your dinner.

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*Half a kilo of bell pepper

For Inside;

-100 grams of ground beef
-2 medium tomatoes
-1 glass of rice
-1 onion
-Half a teacup oil
-1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
-1 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon tomato paste
-Black pepper, ground red pepper, cumin, mint

For the sauce;

-Water at the level of the stuffed
-1 teaspoon tomato paste
-Some salt

1.5 Hour

5 Servings

How to make

Let's wash the rice, wash the tomatoes well and cut the caps from the shells.
Let's chop the remaining tomatoes into cubes after cutting the lids.
Let's take half the ground beef, rice, tomatoes, chopped onion, salt, spices, tomato paste, and olive oil in a bowl. Let's mix it well.
Let's wash and clean the bell peppers. Let's sprinkle salt in them. Let's make 3-4 holes in the bottom with a toothpick.
Let's fill the peppers with the filling we prepared, leaving 1 finger space.
Let's make a lid and cover it with the tomato peels we cut. Let's put it in the pot. Let's do the same until it's done.
Let's get an estimated amount of water into a bowl. Add the remaining olive oil, tomato paste and salt, mix and pour it slowly into the pan.
First, let's let the water boil over high heat. Then, let's reduce the bottom and cook until the rice rises and the peppers are soft.
Let's arrange the cooked peppers in a suitable bowl and pour the water in the pot over it and just fry them in the oven. ENJOY YOUR MEAL.

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