Beefy Leaf Sarma


Although it is not as much as the olive oil leaf wrap, which is preferred because it can be easily eaten anytime and anywhere, we also like its meat separately and consume it as a main dish alone.

Here is the most beautiful meaty leaf wrap, which we explain in detail about how to cook the stuffed grape leaves.

They like stuffed grape leaves with which we share different cooking alternatives, and there is a feast in the evening. If there is yogurt with it, we are okay!

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-Half a kilo of minced meat
-1 tablespoon of salt
-1 tea glass of bulgur
-2 onions
-Half a cup of broken rice
-1 wipe tablespoon tomato paste (Mortar)
-1 topping table spoon tomato paste will be roasted with oil
-Vine leaves

1.5 Hours

7 Servings

How to make

Boil the leaf for 5-10 minutes (dip it in boiling water if it is fresh)
Knead the minced meat with salt. Let it wait 15-20 minutes.
Finely chop the onion.
Add all the ingredients and knead again (don't roll off)
Put the mortar just enough to wrap and wrap it like meatballs.
If there is plum (1 handful), fruit pulp (wash and put under it) etc. under the casserole, you can put it to taste.
Align horizontally.
Put hot water on top so that the leaves are not visible. Put something heavy on the plate, etc. so that it does not come apart.
Let it cook over low heat slowly.
If the fork is holding a fork, it is cooked. You can serve it with yogurt. Bon Appetit...^^

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