Biscuit Balls


It will win hearts with its low ingredient and its immediate preparation will save you from the trouble. To accompany your tea hours with its stylish presentation, chocolate balls with biscuits are here! If the ingredients are ready, let's have a cup of tea and a delicious dessert recipe to be prepared in just 5 minutes. Health to your hands already!

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-2 packets of petitte-beurre biscuits with cocoa
-1 cup of coarsely ground hazelnuts
-200 ml liquid cream
-100 grams of milk chocolate
-100 grams of dark chocolate

To decorate;

-Powdered Pistachio

15 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

The biscuits are pulled from the rondo until it is powdered.
Coarsely ground hazelnuts are added on it.
When the sauce starts to boil, the cooker is turned off.
Let's add the chocolates and mix quickly and melt the chocolates.
Let's separate half a bowl of ganache sauce and add it to the biscuits.
Let's knead well with our hands and prepare chocolate balls.
Let's pour a teaspoon of ganache over the balls and decorate them with powdered pistachios and coconut.

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