Breakfast Egg Bread


We are the most delicious savior of stale slices of bread at home and the handbook to create maximum taste with minimum ingredients, egg bread recipe. Platonic love of stale bread, distant breakfasts lover, fried egg toast. It takes one to a happy childhood, and a cup of tea appears next to it. Come on then let's take you to the kitchen. Let's host this crispy flavor next to your tea today. Here comes the: Egg Bread Recipe!

Come on then put feta cheese, tomato, and cucumber in the kitchen next to the fried egg toast and make a great breakfast! We already call your hands health and welcome our recipe.

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-Sliced ​​stale breads
-3 eggs
-Liquid oil

20 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

Whisk the eggs in a large bowl, add enough salt.
Heat oil in a Teflon pan.
Fry the two sides of the bread in the eggs, not to fry them in oil. Bon Appetit…

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