Breakfast Pastry (Pizza Taste)


Do not miss the recipe for a breakfast pastry with pizza flavor that will put an end to whatever I do every morning. We are sure that you will love the hearty practical breakfast pastry, which is very easy to make and contains various vegetables from sausage to cheddar, from green peppers to tomatoes. Anyone who wants to make our pastry, which can be prepared in a practical and practical way, can do it without difficulty. Not only the employees but also the students, those who live alone at home and do not want to spend much time in the kitchen will be a savior. So let's not miss this recipe from our kitchens and recipe notebooks. This pastry will conquer the hearts with its flavor. If you have tea with rabbit blood next to it, don't touch it.

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-1 dough
-Half a small sausage
-1 tomato
-1 pepper
-1 cup of cheddar
-1 pinch of parsley
-1 pinch of thyme
-Hot pepper, salt

for outside:

-1 egg
-Liquid oil

30 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

First chop all the ingredients.
Throw pulbiber salt, mix.
Put the dough in 4 parts divided into 4 parts (for the construction picture) from the mortar and fold it rectangularly without tightening.
Smear the scrambled egg first and then the bread crumbs and fry the oil. Stay happy.

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