Breakfast Sauce Recipe


We have a very practical recipe that will stimulate the palate with its piquancy! Get ready to whet everyone's appetite with the hot sauce recipe for breakfast.

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-6 kg of tomatoes
-4 kg eggplant
-4 kg of capia pepper
-4 kg green bottle
-4 cubes of sugar (1 tablespoon of granulated sugar)
-3 tablespoons of salt
-Half tea glass of oil

30 Minutes

2 Jars

How to make

First of all, let's put the tomatoes we cut into four in a pot and boil them.
While it is cooking, let's peel the eggplants and keep them in saltwater.
Then, let's cut the eggplant and peppers into cubes and mix them in a bowl.
Let's blend the softened tomatoes with the blender until they are like puree and let it boil again.
Meanwhile, let's start frying the eggplant and peppers. (When we fry it together, the eggplants will absorb less oil.) Let's add oil, salt, and sugar to our tomatoes, which are well sucked, and boil them for another ten minutes.
Let's take the fried eggplant and peppers into our tomato sauce and mix.
Let's put it in our jars. (Do not cover the bottom of our stove on low heat while putting it in the jar.) Let's wipe the smeared mouth of the jars with a napkin and close it tightly and turn it over.
Let's cover them with a cloth and leave them to wait like this overnight.

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