Butter Egg Closure


Some like fried, some like boiled, some like poached. Well, have you eaten both boiled eggs in oil before?

First, we boil it, then we wrap it in butter.

Also, when the aromatic ingredients fully affect the oil, the egg becomes so delicious that we cannot tell. If you are tired of eating the same type of eggs in your breakfast, you can add innovation to your egg taste with this recipe. Since it is a very practical and different recipe, we are sure that once you try it, you will want to do it all the time. Bon appetit already ...

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-Eggs (by number of people)
-Half a tablespoon of butter
-Chili peppers
-ground pepper

15 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

Boil the eggs.
Divide by the middle 2.
Melt the butter.
Add the spices.
Lay the eggs in the butter from the cut portion.
Cook for another 2-3 minutes and serve hot. Bon Appetit.

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