Cake Recipe with Ice Cream Taste in 5 Minutes


If there is another dessert that has the power to take you from where you sit and teleport you to the seashore, it is ice cream. This dessert, which has fruits, ice cream, dried nuts, and many other varieties with its unmatched taste, makes the summer months look forward. When the rays of the sun begin to rise, he will come like a savior and say "I am here". But the lover will eat it without listening to the season.

Here we have a taste-packed idea that will steal the hearts of all ice cream lovers. A deliciously delicious ice cream cake where three layers of ice cream meet with wafer-crunchy chocolates, layer by layer, freeze in the refrigerator and become to be eaten slices!

Are you ready to be the guest of the front seat of a delicious journey where you will experience the comfort in every slice?

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-2 sachets of whipped cream
-2 glasses of cold milk
-1 packet of petibeur biscuits
-1 tea glass of chocolate chips
-1 cup of hazelnuts or walnuts
-1 bowl of chopped strawberries

25 Minutes

7 Servings

How to make

A delicious parfait that will cool you down on hot summer days, where you can prepare instantly, tasting ice cream.

Whisk the milk and powdered whipped cream until it thickens.
Add the biscuit and other ingredients that you cut into large pieces and mix the biscuits calmly without breaking them.
Cover the inside of your mold with stretch foil.
Pour the mixture into the mold and smooth it.
Cover the foil hanging from the edges and leave it in the freezer overnight.
After it is frozen well, take it out to the serving plate, pour bain-marie style melted chocolate over it, and serve by slicing.

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