Cherry Compote Recipe


Compote is the highlight of hot summer evenings and the favorite of iftar tables. It is a cold drink that accompanies delicious juicy dishes and rice that suppresses the sweet tooth. And with its slightly sour taste, cherry comes first among the fruits that suit compote recipes.

Do not forget to eat the grains one by one and consume the water as a cold drink.

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-2 kg of cherries
-3 liters of water
-4 cups of sugar

20 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Remove the stems and leaves from the cherries.
After washing it well, put it in the pot.
Burn the stove by adding water on it.
15 minutes after the cherries start boiling, add the sugar.
After boiling for 15 more minutes, fill it in the jars hot, without waiting.
Seal tightly with new unused caps. When the covers are old, they can take air and deteriorate.

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