Cherry Syrup Recipe


Strawberry compote is a drink recipe in which little strawberry grains turn heads in sugared syrup. In addition to fruit sugar, the amount of powdered sugar added can be adjusted according to taste, it is drunk cold and cold.

Among the healthy alternative compote recipes that will replace homemade iced teas and cold beverages prepared entirely from seasonal fruits, make the strawberry compote, which is the most delicious and fragrant, and consume it before the end of the season.

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-2 kg of cherries
-2 kg of sugar
-1 teaspoon of lemon salt
-1 tea glass of water

25 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

Wash the cherries, separate them from their stems, and arrange the cherries in a row of sugar and a row in a large pot. Leave your sugary fruit for 1 day.
The next day, add a tea glass of water to your saucepan, send your fruits to release water and sugar dissolve on high fire, stirring constantly.
After your syrup starts to boil, cook it for 10-13 minutes.
Add lemon salt to your pot.
Take the fruit in a strainer and put the water aside.
Mix the fruits warm in the strainer into the syrup that you set aside by rubbing the pulp collected at the bottom with your hand.
Finally, filter the pulp through a clean cloth or fine strainer to make your syrup clear and pulp-free.
You can store it in a cool place by placing it in glass bottles (at least 1 year). You can serve your syrup consumption by mixing it with cold water according to your taste.

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