Chicken Doner


Nobody should question the Turkish people's love for a chicken doner. The recipe I will give today is a chicken doner recipe that you can make at home and is just like the traditional one. Bon appetit to those who will try!

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-600 grams of fillet chicken breast
-1 small onion
-3 tablespoons of olive oil
-Teaspoon pepper paste
-1 tablespoon of yogurt
-½ teaspoon of salt
-½ teaspoon of black pepper
-¼ teaspoon of cumin
-¼ teaspoon of coriander (optional)
-1 teaspoon of thyme
-1 teaspoon of mustard (optional)

50 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

Let's clear the chicken we have prepared from their skin and bones.
Thinly slice the chicken fillet breasts with a knife.
Peel and grate our onions, squeeze the juice, and put it in a deep bowl.
Let's mix the onion juice we have kept with olive oil, salt, pepper paste, yogurt, coriander, black pepper, cumin, mustard, and thyme.
Then add the thinly cut fillet chicken breasts into the mixture we prepared.
Open the stretch film in a wide layer on our kitchen counter.
Lay the chicken fillet with sauce on top of each other.
Fold the edges of the stretch film and wrap the chicken fillet in a roll.
Leave it in the deep freezer for at least 2 hours after making sure that it won't get air.
After making sure that the spices and marinating mixture of the chicken doner is seasoned, thinly slice the chicken doner at the end of the freezing time.
Fry the doner pieces in a non-combustible and non-stick pan that we have heated, over high heat several times by turning them inside out.
In order for the doner to be more delicious, you can bake it on wax paper according to your desire and you can use some extra lard.
When our doner is ready, you can serve it as half a bread or rice.
You can serve doner with french fries.

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