Chicken Liver Sauteed


The liver, which is one of the tastes that you will love more than you think, will be the guest of our table in a different form this time. This recipe we prepare with chicken liver is both economical, practical, and delicious! A rare but perfect recipe that you can find all three together. One of the tricks is to caramelize the onions, then roast the liver over high heat and continue the roasting process by adding flour with the spices.

We used basil to add freshness to it, you can also use different greens such as basil and parsley. If you are sensitive to the taste of metal, you can use acidic ingredients such as vinegar, pomegranate syrup, or lemon during the roasting process. Our chicken liver sautés recipe, which will make even those who don't like it, love it, right here, bon appetit!

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-1 kilo of chicken livers
-Liquid oil
-Salt, thyme, chili, black pepper

45 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

We clean the chicken livers and cut them into cubes.
After washing, we drain the water and take it into a fireproof pan with some oil.
We roast it over the high fire until it releases and absorbs the water.
When it draws its water, we reduce the gold a little and make it brown. At this stage, it can make a little jump, you have to be careful.
When it is fried, we cover the gold, add salt and spices, and serve it hot or cold.
If you like thyme, add plenty of it, it will smell unique to the liver. It will also taste better. I recommend, bon appetit :)

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