Cibes Salad


Fresh onions roasted in olive oil for a short time, Aegean herbs with different aroma and variety, unsalted curd cheese and spices ... After filling the inside of the delicate and noble pumpkin flowers, they are first filled with scrambled eggs, then breaded in a mixture and deep fried. Cold cuts are served with tomato and cucumber slices.

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-400 grams of cibes
-A handful of roasted walnuts

For the sauce;

-Olive oil
-1/2 (half) lemon juice
-1 tablespoon of
-pomegranate syrup
-2 cloves of garlic, crushed

15 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

We throw the cibes in boiling water and boil it. Not too much, 5-6 minutes is enough. Please check it anyway.
We mix all the ingredients for the sauce.
We put the cucumber, walnuts and pomegranate on a serving plate, pour the sauce over it and mix.

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