Cocoon Ravioli


Dough, minced sauce, and garlic yogurt... How well they match each other. So much so that there are dozens of combinations of this trio in Turkish cuisine. Above all, there is the opening mantı prepared by talented ladies in a snap. Let's not say it is less ingenious, but fortunately, there are plenty of recipes for women who have little time and don't want to deal with dough. The most ornamental of these is undoubtedly conifer mantı.

It is also very enjoyable to prepare and eat this mantı, as it resembles a cone in terms of shape. You can wrap the doughs that you cut into thin triangles one by one with a straw, fry them in oil or cook them in the oven for a short time, and enjoy them with minced meat sauce and garlic yogurt.

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-3 dough sheets
-200 g ground beef
-Half an onion
-Salt, pepper, chili pepper

For the above;

-1 bowl of yogurt
-1 clove of garlic
-1 teaspoon tomato paste
-Very little oil
-Chili, mint

1 Hour

5 Servings

How to make

First, we spread the doughs and cut them in the middle and divide them into quarters. We cut the triangle pieces we obtained again and cut them into eight pieces and then cut small triangles 2 finger widths.
We mix the minced meat with the onion, salt, and pepper that we grate and squeeze the juice, and put a little bit of this mixture on the wide part of the triangle and wrap it.
We continue until all the material is finished without closing the edges.
We fry it in the oven or oil and pour garlic yogurt on it.
Then we open the tomato paste with a little water, add a little oil, and pour the sauce we made. We decorate it with mint and chili peppers and serve. Enjoy your meal.

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