Cocopops Cake


You can be sure that your children will not leave you alone after trying this recipe. This sweet recipe every kid loves. You can make your children and yourself happy by trying this recipe, which is one of the latest discoveries of Turkish mothers.

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-1 pack of cooperative (250 grams)
-5 metro chocolate
-1 milk chocolate (80 grams)
-5 tablespoons of milk
-1 tablespoon butter

40 Minutes

8 Servings

How to make

Melt the chocolates in a double boiler style. Add butter and milk and mix well.
Add the latest cocopops and pour the chocolate mixture over it.
Fill the chocolate cocopops into a spoon and turn them upside down on the tray. Chapter by reviewing when the tray was hit.
Do the same until all the chocolate cocopops are gone. Don't forget how to get wet every time. Delicious cocopops with a pasta look are ready.
Note: I used Nescafefiş (Because I want to use it in large midwives) You can shape your tongue with Turkish coffee cups or small bowls. It is better to have small sizes, especially for birthdays. I have 8 pastries. Around 22-23 pies appear in small cups.

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