Crispy Pickles (Full Measured) Recipe


We start the recipe by making a mouth-watering pickle juice. It is not very important to wait for fifteen or twenty days, because the magic of the first moment you open that cover while you are doing it will not even feel how the time has passed.

We can declare that pickles, which are delicious in meat dishes, are the best friends of pilaf. In fact, we are sure that his biggest friend is also a hot spicy bean dish. Pickled gherkins are actually the coolest and crunchy pickles. If you want your pickle to stay fresh, you can make tiny holes without putting it in a jar and help the pickled pickle juice spread all over the cucumbers.

Well, let's come cold winter days. We'll be ready in fifteen days!

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-3 kg small-sized Gherkin cucumber
-1 glass of pickled salt
-3 cups of vinegar (1 glass per kg)
-2 heads of garlic
-3 liters of drinking water (15 glasses classic)
-1 handful chickpeas
-1 tablespoon of lemon salt

10 Days

3 Jars

How to make

Let's wash the cucumbers and pierce them with the tip of a knife, dissolve the water, vinegar, salt, lemon salt in a separate place until they dissolve thoroughly.
Let's leave the garlic and chickpeas that we peel and extract at the bottom of the jars we will keep and fill the cucumbers we pierced tightly.
Let's leave the pickle water we prepared on them, close their mouths tightly, keep them unopened for at least 10 days, and keep them in a cool place after they are pickled. Bon appetit to those who prepare and eat. Stay happy and healthy ☺

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