Delicious Homemade Chicken Roll


For those who love all kinds of wraps, we come with a delicious recipe. It should not be just a wrap. Because there are hot and crispy chickens that are famous for their taste! We will fill the crunch of the chicken into the wrap and create a delicious flavor. Introducing: The recipe for a hot crispy chicken wrap.

Boiled chickens will be combined with a delicious hot sauce; It will be a nice brownie dipped in breakfast cereal. After that; with mayonnaise, lettuce, and bitter to the left, the lavash will be wrapped. We prepared this wrap with purple lavash, but you can also prepare it with a different lavash. We are sure it will be delicious in every way.

Roll up your sleeves and head to the kitchen to prepare a delicious wrap that will palate with the hot crispy chicken wrap recipe. Health in your hands already

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-4-5 pieces of lavash bread
-250 grams of chicken breast
-2 potatoes
-1 red pepper
-2 green peppers
-Tomato paste
-Gherkin turquoise
Ketchup, mayonnaise
Cheddar cheese

40 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

First, we take the chicken breast in the pan, add a little oil and sauté. We put our peppers and tomato paste in turn. We throw out the salt, close the mouth, and cook on low heat. We chop the other potatoes finely and fry them in a pan. We take the lavash bread and open it lengthwise. We put the remaining part on your side with chicken mortar. French fries, pickled gherkins, corn; We squeeze ketchup and mayonnaise on it and finally put the slices of cheddar. We wrap it in a roll so that the tight sides are not open. We keep the lavash in the toaster until the cheese melts. Enjoy your meal.

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