Delicious Strawberry Compote Recipe That Will Refresh You


Strawberry compote is a drink recipe in which little strawberry grains turn heads in sugared syrup. In addition to fruit sugar, the amount of powdered sugar added can be adjusted according to taste, it is drunk cold and cold.

Among the healthy alternative compote recipes that will replace homemade iced teas and cold beverages made entirely from seasonal fruits, make the strawberry compote, which is the most delicious and fragrant, and consume it before the end of the season.

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-1 kilo of strawberries
-According to the sweetness of the strawberry,
-1 cup or 1 glass of sugar 2 fingers missing sugar
-2.5 liters of boiling water
-1 stick of cinnamon
-3 cloves

25 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Chop the strawberries, add sugar according to the sweetness of the strawberry and boil it with boiling water.
When it boils, it is boiled for 5 more minutes and the strawberries are set aside.
Strawberry juice is boiled for 10 more minutes.
Cloves and cinnamon sticks are added and boiled for 3 more minutes and removed immediately so that it does not give too much aroma and bitterness.
Then the strawberries are added again and the bottom of the stove is turned off.
When it is warm, it is put in the refrigerator to cool. You can consume it when it's cool 😊. Bon appetit to you all 😋.

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