Dry Roasted Pepper


If you are tired of the same appetizers and you are looking for a difference on your table, as always, you are in the right place. A magnificent beauty comes from Diyarbakır's unique and flavor-spring cuisine: Dry pepper roasting recipe!

This recipe, which is very easy to prepare, comes for those who think that it is challenging when it comes to appetizers and is intimidated and really deserves its practicality. Make room on your tables and stomach for roasting dried peppers, which is very interesting with its taste and appearance, because it is very filling.
Let's take those who say they should be prepared in 5 minutes and bake in 10 minutes. Bon appetit already.

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-1 bowl of boiled and finely chopped dried pepper
-A little more than half a tea glass of olive oil
-100 grams of ground beef
-1 tablespoon mixed (tomato and pepper) tomato paste

35 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Boil the finely chopped dried peppers until they are soft.
After boiling, squeeze the juice.
Then cook your minced meat with a little water.
Add the olive oil close to the ground beef water, cook for about 5 minutes.
Add your tomato paste and open it with a little water.
Finally, add the peppers and salt and roast for 5 more minutes on low heat. Bon Appetit:).

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