Easy Pancake


Pancakes have become one of the most sought after names in breakfast. It is called pancake because it is cooked in a pan abroad and eaten with pleasure. It is one of the indispensables of tea hours, sweet crises and breakfasts. Roll up your sleeves today for this delicious recipe. Moreover, we make the lightest delicious, and softest pancakes you have ever eaten. Introducing: Easy pancake recipe!

The secret is to whisk all the ingredients well and use them at room temperature. We also add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to it to enhance its delicious consistency. You can also add different ingredients such as lemon peel and orange peel. Let's set a wonderful table today. What would you buy with this wonderful recipe?

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-2 eggs
-2 tablespoons of sugar
-1 glass of water Milk
-1.5 cups flour
-1 packet of baking powder
-1 packet of vanilla

To use in the cooking stage;

-liquid oil


Kiwi, banana, strawberry, jam, honey, chocolate

35 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

To make pancakes, I first mix the eggs and sugar in a suitable mixing bowl.
Whisk it with milk, flour, baking powder, vanilla added whisk. You can also whisk it with a mixer if you wish. Let's prepare the dough to be a little darker than the cake consistency.
Pour a little liquid oil into a Teflon or a non-stick pan and distribute it with a brush. Using less oil is one of the key points of making pancakes. If you wish, you can distribute it to the pan with a napkin.
Let's pour 1 large spoonful of dough and wait for the dough to spread on its own.
Let's turn our pancakes, which are starting to be eye-to-eye, with the help of a spatula. Let's cook the other sides.
Let's take our pancakes cooked on both sides to the serving plate.
Sprinkle powdered sugar on it and serve it with banana, kiwi, strawberry, chocolate, honey, spreadable chocolate, jam according to your taste.
Enjoy your meal.

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