Easy Sultan Delight Recipe


Let's face it, almost every day, most of us think of eating even though it's a dessert after eating. Don't worry, we heard your inner voice and we prepared just the dessert you had in mind.

First, we prepared our semolina dough. We smeared some beautiful blue poppy seeds before baking. It was not enough, we put a piece of walnuts on them. We would fry it well in the oven and float it in sherbet. Somehow, we ate with pleasure saying that we would go on a strict diet and get rid of all our excess.

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-1-liter milk
-1 glass of sugar
-1.5 cups flour flour
-125 grams of butter

For between:

-1 sachet of whipped cream
-1 glass of milk

To find:

-Lots of coconuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds

40 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Put our pudding ingredients in the pot and mix them well, and mix them over medium heat, when the pudding becomes like pudding.
And immediately, we divide and pour the debt half an inch thick with its heat and straighten it nicely.
When the first heat comes out, we put it in the closet.
While waiting for it to cool, we whisk the whipped cream and 1 glass of milk with a mixer and put it in the fridge.
If our pudding has cooled down, we also share our whipped cream with pyrexes and apply it.
Then we cut strips of the size and width you want and roll them.
We put the coconut inside and find all sides and place a nut in the middle. Enjoy your meal. I'm sure you will come back to me when you make the recipe, it is a great taste.

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