Eggless Biscuit +6 Month Recipe


Prepare the ingredients, we prepare our own baby biscuits that are both healthy and delicious. Be careful, don't eat before the babies! Health to your hands already.

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-150 grams of butter
-2 tablespoons of yogurt
-2 tea glasses of rice flour
-Half a cup of semolina
-1 and a half - 2 cups of whole wheat flour

40 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

We mix all the ingredients and knead well. (butter will be room temperature)
We roll it up. We press it lightly and cut it 2 fingers thick.
We press it with a fork and put it on a baking sheet, where we lay out oiled paper.
We bake at 170 degrees. It shouldn't be hard. Lifting your finger should collapse correctly.

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