Eggplant dish with Olive Oil


When summer comes, juicy tomatoes, fresh eggplants, and crispy fresh peppers meet for a meal. Its place is very different from its spaciousness and satisfaction. Although its roasted and fried form is very popular, the juicy form of eggplant is one of the most delicious classics. It turns into a delicious menu with a piece of rice and tzatziki, which you can eat by dipping bread into its water. Introducing yummy or yummy: Eggplant recipe!

The eggplant dish, which is one of the most popular juicy home dishes, is very nice as you can have plenty of bread in this juice. Large family tables will love it. You can also try the same recipe by adding meat to it. Make room for the savior taste of the summer season on your tables! Health to your hands already.

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-4-5 eggplants
-2 green peppers
-2 red peppers
-1 onion
-2 tomato grated (I used -4-5 tablespoons tomato sauce)
-half a tea glass of olive oil

1 Hour

4 Servings

How to make

First, eggplants are divided into 4 sizes by peeling peeled and sliced ​​in cubes. Eggplants are left in salt water for about 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, onions are chopped for edible. Red pepper and green pepper are removed and prepared by chopping.
Onions are added to the pot for olive oil, after light pinking, peppers are added. After roasting for a few minutes, eggplants are added, which are washed and filtered. Finally, tomato sauce is added and mixed and the lid of the pot can be closed and the food must be cooked with its own juice.
After the eggplants are softened and cooked, the cooker is turned off. Bon Appetit

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