Epic Turkish Menemen


The favorite of egg recipes, the first to come to mind, the savior of dinners, the joy of breakfast tables, the menemen that reminds us that it is the weekend, welcome to our table. The small, concise, and economical ingredients in the recipe wink at our fellow students, and the bellies are full of pleasure.

Those who say, "If there was only one menemen, nothing would happen to me." A little tip will greet those who do not like egg whites too much.

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-2 tablespoons of oil
-3 green peppers (After cleaning stalks and kernels, finely chopped)
-3 medium tomatoes
-1/2 (half) teaspoon of
-3 eggs
-Optional: cheddar cheese is half the size of a small bowl.

25 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

ut the oil and peppers into the pan and fry until the peppers turn color.
Peel the peel and add the small chopped tomatoes.
In the low stove, cover the ceiling and wait for the tomatoes to cook thoroughly.
You can add a little boiling water if the tomatoes are not so much water, but stick to the pan. Usually, this situation will not be necessary.
You can break the eggs after the tomatoes are cooked as in the photo. Whether you can beat the eggs in a separate bowl or add them, you can break them in the pan and mix them in the pan.
Add salt and spices on it and wait until the eggs are cooked.
If you want to add cheddar cheese, you can add cheese at this stage. Serve your menu hot.

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