Etimek Dessert Recipe


Slices of etimek, a dark sherbet, as if it wasn't enough, apple puree with walnuts, whipped cream on a smooth pudding layer. You can prepare etimek dessert, which is a very delicious flavor and is very different among dessert recipes, in a practical way with the ingredients in its recipe. Besides, it is not always to eat fried bread, now the word is fried bread dessert, etimek dessert also known as meat dessert.

"How about Etimek dessert?" If you are wondering, our recipe, in which we explain how to make the ingredients of the cream slub dessert, is here with all the details. You will be surprised when you learn that Etimek dessert is prepared in such an easy and practical way, and you will want to make this delicious Etimek dessert whenever you find it.

Here is our easy and delicious meat dish recipe!

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-12 slices Etimek

For the sherbet:

-1.5 cups sugar
-2 glasses of water

For the custard:

-1-liter milk
-6 tablespoons of sugar
-1 packet of vanilla
-1 tablespoon of butter
-6 tablespoons of flour
-2 tablespoons of cornstarch

For the above:

-1 pack of whipped cream
-1 glass of milk (200ml)
-Walnut or Pistachio

45 Minutes

7 Servings

How to make

I boiled 2 cups of hot water and 1.5 cups of sugar in a small saucepan.
5-6 minutes after it starts to boil. then turning off the gold. I kept the sherbet for about 10 minutes.
If you want the sherbet caramelized, you can first roast the sugar in a pot by adding water as described in the video.
In the meantime, I have listed 12 meat on a large loan.
With the help of a ladle, I distributed the sherbet all over the meat. While the meat was getting wet, I immediately started to prepare the pudding.
The ingredients of the recipe were originally given based on 750ml milk, but since my tray is large, I prepared it with 1 liter of milk. If you are making a small tray, you can adjust your material according to the number of meat.
I added all the custard ingredients except vanilla and butter into 1 liter of milk, and after whisking well, I prepared the pudding by mixing until it boiled.
After it started to boil, I added vanilla and butter and mixed for 2-3 minutes more and turned off the stove.
After resting the pudding for 5 minutes, I poured it over the meat and smoothed its surface.
Before I pour the whipped cream on the dessert, I put the dessert on hold to cool well. If you do not wait for the custard to cool, the whipped cream will melt and create a bad appearance, so do not add whipped cream before making sure it is cool.
I prepared and spread the whipped cream I prepared with 1 glass of milk on the cooled dessert.
I covered it with cling film and put it in the fridge.

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