Flour Cookies


The king of the cookie recipes we call minced meat is the floured cookie. The fact that it can last for a long time is one of the points that make this delicious and practical cookie popular. Since powdered sugar is sifted and served in the making of easy flour cookies, very little sugar is used in the recipe. Powdered sugar is preferred to avoid getting into the mouth. With its texture and texture, the delicious recipe for flour cookie is here!

Here are some of the tricks of the floured cookie crumbling in the mouth. All ingredients, steps of the simple and real flour cookie are just below. If you are ready, let's start working on making the best flour cookie! Let's take those who say "How to make flour cookies?" To our recipe. It already says good health to your hands, and the recipe for flour cookie with its ease and delicious taste is here!

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-1 pack of butter or margarine (should be soft, 250 g)
-1 coffee cup oil
-4 tablespoons of wheat starch
-1 cup of powdered sugar
-As much flour as it gets

For the above;

-Half a cup of powdered sugar

45 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

We knead 1 glass of margarine or butter, oil and powdered sugar. The remaining half a glass will be used for icing sugar.
After kneading for 5 minutes, we add starch and flour. We will knead well because the dough will crumble.
When shaping, cut a piece of 2 walnut-sized pieces and roll it into a roll shape. Shape the right, left and top with a fork and cut it to the side. (You can use the picture).
Do not lubricate the tray, the dough is already greasy. Place the cookies in the tray.
Preheated but should be warm Bake in 160 degree oven for 15 minutes. It will be soft and moist, then it becomes thick. It should not cook for more than 15 minutes.
Take it out of the oven, cool down and put all the half a cup of powdered sugar into it. Our cookies are ready. Bon appetit :)

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