Frappe, which can be defined as iced coffee in short, is heavily consumed especially in Greece, the country where it originated. This type of coffee first appeared in 1957 when a company in Thessaloniki introduced a chocolate drink mixed with water for children. In this presentation, a company employee mixed the instant coffee of the same company into cold water, causing the frappe to be born. With the preparation of coffee as a refreshing drink, frappe attracted attention and became popular first in Greece and then in many other countries. Another factor that makes frappe popular is that this type of coffee can be prepared quickly.

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-1.5 teaspoons nescafe
-The desired amount of sugar
-4-5 teaspoons of water
-Cold milk
-1-2 ice cubes

For service;

-Vanilla ice cream

15 Minutes

1 Serving

How to make

Frappé is a cold type of coffee. This cold covered coffee is made from instant coffee. It was first built in Thessaloniki in 1957. Small changes can be made in its preparation. It can be prepared completely with water or milk. It can be served by adding ice cream or cream.

Add sugar, water and water to a mixer and shake for at least 30 seconds.
After shaking, you will get a cream-like mixture.
1-2 ice cubes are placed on the bottom of a long glass glass.
The mixture we obtained by shaking is poured.
Then cold milk is added to this mixture. (At this stage, it can be added with water and then filled with milk, but I think it is better with milk, so I just made it with milk).
Lastly, ice cream is placed and served.

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