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We are here with a delicious kebab recipe consisting of the perfect harmony of tomato and pepper meatballs! Frenk kebab is a very delicious kebab that you can find in the best forms in Gaziantep and Urfa regions and also known as "Frenk Tava". Of course, it tastes different when eaten in kebab restaurants, but if we want to include different tastes at home and on our tables, we can cook this recipe very well in the oven!

If you like tomato kebab, stuffed tomato, in short, all the recipes in which tomatoes play the leading role, we are sure that you will love this recipe too! We strongly recommend you to try this recipe, which will be especially good for crowded tables, enjoy it now!

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-10-15 tomatoes (You can reduce, increase)
-600 grams of ground beef
-2 onions (Grated)
-2 red peppers
-Salt, pepper
-1 tablespoon tomato paste
-1 teacup of oil
-1.5 glasses of water

50 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

We put the minced meat in the kneader, grate the onions.
We chop the red peppers finely.
We add the spices and tomato paste.
We cut it in half to the tomatoes.
We fill the minced meat in it, place it on a tray.
We mix oil and water, add salt, and pour it into the tray.
We wet the baking paper and cover it.
We cook it in the oven at 200 degrees until it is browned, I served it with bulgur pilaf, I recommend it to you.

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