Fried squash


This recipe, which is very pleasing to those who say that zucchini is beautiful in every way, will surprise those who say I do not put zucchini in my mouth and will amaze its taste.
This beauty, which is reminiscent of a snack plate with its stylish appearance, comes to indulge everyone with its crispy, light flavor and fresh taste despite being fried in oil.

Since it is prepared very quickly and cooked easily, when you do not want to eat pot food or when you say something practical, this is a recipe that will definitely do what you want.
If you haven't thought of soda and squash together before, you won't even want to think they broke up after trying this recipe. Soda roast pumpkin is waiting to come to your peace. Bon appetit.

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-2-3 squash (can be increased according to the number of people)
-1 large tea glass of milk
-1 egg
-3,5 - 4 tablespoons of flour
-1 teaspoon of baking powder
-1 teaspoon of ground red pepper
-2 teaspoons of mint
-1 teaspoon of hot chili pepper, salt

To fry:

-Liquid oil

For serving:

-1 bowl yogurt, mint chili pepper

50 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

We wash the squash and cut them into circles, put them in a bowl, pour the milk over it and keep them in the fridge for at least an hour :)
We take the marinated zucchini from milk an hour later and add eggs, flour, spices, and baking powder into the milk to get a thick mortar.
Then we find the courgettes in this mixture and fry them in hot oil.
We remove the fried zucchini on towel paper and remove the excess oil, if any, and serve it with yogurt, which we add mint and hot chili pepper :))

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