Garnished Mashed Potatoes


Prepared with the addition of butter and milk, mashed potatoes can be served as a main course in their own right, and serve as a savior side dish that goes well with many recipes. This task sometimes becomes so important that there are moments when mashed potatoes receive more applause than meatballs, chicken overshadows the table, and his father makes the potato proud.

Although it seems like a very easy recipe, there are also those who do not fully follow the mashed potato recipe and compare the flavor of mash to a bad pastry. So listen to this mash recipe.

Those who like the taste of milk in mashed potatoes go beyond the usual mash recipes and boil the potatoes in milk.

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-6 medium boiled potatoes
-1 jar garnish
-1 jar of corn
-1 tea glass of milk
-2 cups of grated cheddar cheese
-50 margarine or butter

45 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

We crush the boiled potatoes with a fork so that they are not lumpy.
In the tray we will bake, we pour the mashed potatoes, put milk, a glass of cheddar cheese, salt and margarine and crush them until they become homogeneous again.
And we lay the potatoes by pressing on the tray.
We pour the filtered water and the garnish on the potatoes.
We sprinkle a glass of cheddar cheese on the side dishes.
We add butter or margarine particles on it.
We throw it in a 250 degree oven.
We cook until golden brown and ready to serve. Bon Appetit.

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