Gavurdağı Salad


The recipe for gavurdağı salad, which can be eaten alone like a main dish, with walnuts and pomegranate syrup, which is a complement to kebab tables, whets one's appetite.

You can serve it with kebab and grilled meat to make the meat take its weight.

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-3 tomatoes
-1 green pepper
-1 onion
-3-4 sprigs of spring onions
-2 handfuls of coarse cracked walnuts
-Olive oil
-Pomegranate sour

35 Minutes

2 Servings

How to make

Tomatoes and green peppers are cut small.
Green onions and parsley are also finely chopped.
Dried onion is cut as small as possible and rubbed with a little salt.
All the ingredients are taken into a large bowl, coarse walnuts, olive oil and pomegranate syrup are added.
Approximately 1 tablespoon sumac is added to the eye decision.
It is mixed and taken into the serving plate.
You can adjust the amount of olive oil and pomegranate syrup to your taste, I use it quite abundantly because I love it.
I also add walnuts to almost 1 glass of water.
A great salad, I recommend it to those who have not tried it. Enjoy your meal in advance

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