Gourmet Black Olive Making Recipe


Making black and green olives, indispensable for breakfasts, is one of the most important winter food preparations. This is why black and green olives are produced in various ways in every house in Çukurova. Sweetening green olives/setting olives is easier than setting up a pickle and anyone can make olives at home.

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-1 kg olives (new crop immature hard black olives with thick flesh, small core, purplish)
-100 g thick salt (rock salt)
-100 ml olive oil
-100 ml of squeezed lemon juice
-100 g granulated sugar

3 Months

1 Can

How to make

Take the olives in a bowl full of water and let them sit for a while, then pour that water and wash the olives underwater once more. Let the olives drain well in a sieve ...
Olives are drained. Now fill the olives in the bin where you will set the olives well, add the other ingredients, salt, sugar, olive oil and squeezed lemon juice.
Close the lid of the canister tightly. Lay the can on its side on the counter and shake it back and forth for 5 minutes. Sometimes take the can in both hands, shake it back and forth. Now bring the can to the vertical position, let the material float to the bottom.
The process is complete, now choose a cool place in your kitchen that is not exposed to the sun and place your bin there.
Take the bin in your hand every day, shake it to the right and left 10 times, back and forth 10 times… In a sense, turn the olives upside down so that the juice of the olive reaches every olive in the bin… This shaking process will be done every day, but believe me, this shaking job will not take you 1 minute every day…
Until when will we rock it? Every day for 3 months…. Somebody shakes for 1 month but it would be better if you shake it for 3 months as much as I said.
After 3 months, your olives, which you shake every day, are ready to be eaten and served at the breakfast table.
Sometimes it is useful to loosen the lid of the drum and get the gas. At the same time, you can gas the olive ...
You can even open and taste your olives before 3 months (when it is 2 -2.5 months), and even if you like the taste, it will not be a problem, but if you want to reach the real taste, you have to wait 3 months ... :))))) The choice is yours ...
Our olives are ready… .. at the presentation stage, you can make a presentation by adding thyme, chili pepper, lemon slice, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Bon appetit ...

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