Highly Foamy Milk Coffee


What about bulletproof coffee? Yes, that's the name of this coffee recipe. In fact, this mixture, which dates back to ancient times, has been forgotten today but has recently been cleared again. When you hear the ingredients, you may not imagine it as delicious, but believe me, it is even more vicious and beautiful than the mochas you drink.

It is a very useful beverage that keeps our body alive and nourishes with caffeine and antioxidants in coffee. However, it loses its health with products with additives such as sugar, syrup, and cream that we put in it, and unlike energy, laziness gives us sudden decreases during the day. Our bodies require beneficial fats as well as caffeine for energy, and when we get this enough, we are active and lively all day. Here comes the recipe for bulletproof coffee that will provide this and accompany your breakfast or book pleasure alone.

It is a great feeling to see and feel what a cup of coffee has to offer us when prepared correctly! Bon appetit to those who do!

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-1 tea glass instant coffee (gold)
-1 tea glass of sugar
-1 tea glass of water
-Hot milk

15 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

☕️☕️Hello, you do not need to go to such expensive places to drink a great coffee with lots of foamy flavor with your loved ones. ☕️ This coffee is scrumptious. 👌🏻The foam does not go off, so I can say that the foam is slurped up to the sip of his son, 😋☕️ Let me make a recipe that everyone can do at home.
☕️☕️ Coffee should be gold, so if it is not classic, it does not froth, coffee, water, and sugar are mixed and taken into a suitable container, it can be a jar, the container must be narrow, we whisk it until it reaches the consistency of whipped cream, we put 1-2 soup spoons in the cup in a short time. We tilt the glass slightly and fill it, the foam never goes out, it swells even more with hot milk. You can keep the foaming coffee in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, nothing happens, you can boil the milk and consume it whenever you want. ☕️☕️☕️ Bon appetit to those who will try it.

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