Hip and Belly Burn (I Recommend Dietitian Recipe)


The weather is getting warmer, summer is coming. The dreams of the sea, sun, and sand trio are starting to be dreamed slowly, plans for the holiday are already being talked about!

Well, when vacation plans are made, are plans to be in shape as well? Of course! Gyms are already filling up! Of course, it is not enough just to do sports, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Then we have a recipe with lots of vegetables that will help you get into the summer like a bomb, help speed up fat burning.

With our fat burning recipe, if you consume healthy meals at all meals and do not neglect your sports, you will be guaranteed to enter summer in shape. Of course, it is also very important to plan your meals with the help of an expert. We leave our recipe below, wish you a healthy and fit days, bon appetit!

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-1 bottle of soda
-Half a lemon
-1 cucumber (small)

20 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

Hi friends, I wanted to give you my recipe that weakens the abdomen and hips, I wanted to share my dietician recipe, which is good for pregnant and overweight ones, and my aunt relatives who are pregnant did this and I hope it worked very well, I hope I will help you.

Cucumbers are natural, friends are homegrown cucumbers :))) The smell and the smell of lemon make you feel very pleasant when you drink it :)))

First, let's put the soda in the glass and squeeze the lemon that is half a junk and let it wait for 5 minutes.
Later, let's put the cucumbers. Let's wait for 3 minutes.
Let's take 2 -3 bites and drink while eating and that's it.

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