Homemade Kunefe Recipe


After the wire is opened, the wire kadayifs blended with lots of butter, the salt-free Antakya cheese, also known as the special künefe cheese, the molasses mixture used for the crispy frying of the kadayif strings ... Which dessert do you think has all the beauty in its recipe? Of course, künefe is one of the most delicious desserts with syrup.

Plus a portion of cut ice cream ...

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-250 g shredded wheat
-150 g butter
-1 tablespoon of molasses
-250 g unsalted soluble kunefe cheese (I preferred mozzarella)

For its sherbet;

-2.5 cups sugar
-3 glasses of water
-a few drops of lemon juice
-It can also be made in 6 small künefe containers or trays.

40 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

First of all, sugar and water are boiled for sherbet.
When it boils, lemon is squeezed and the heat is lowered.
It is cooked for 20 more minutes on low heat and left to cool.
50 grams of butter is separated and cut into small cubes and wait for it to soften at room temperature.
When it reaches room temperature, 1 spoon of molasses is poured on it and mixed with oil until it is thoroughly homogeneous.
Kadayifs is first picked up and then cut into 1 finger width.
The remaining 100 grams of butter is melted in a small pot on the stove and poured over the kadayifs and blended well.
The inside and sides of the künefe containers are generously greased with molasses butter.
Spread some kadayıf on it and place another künefe bowl on top of the kadayıf and press it well.
The sliced ​​cheese is lined up on it, covered with shredded wheat, and the künefe bowl is placed again and pressed again. Or this pressing process can be done manually, the fast one is squeezing the kadayif.
It is cooked one by one and one by one over low heat for 6-7 minutes until it is thoroughly browned.
After taking it from the cooker, a ladle of syrup, which has cooled down immediately, is poured on it while it is hot.
Decorated according to desire, served hot and delicious :)
Enjoy your meal!

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