Homemade Organic Vinegar Recipe


The benefits of vinegar, which is a liquid that facilitates digestion, is used as an antipyretic, regulates blood circulation, helps fat burning, and is effective in cleaning the face and home, are countless. The apple cider vinegar we buy from outside is too different to compete with homemade vinegar in terms of both taste and healing. However, making apple cider vinegar at home is much easier than you think! You need a few ingredients to make apple cider vinegar ready and a little time. It turns out to be a delicious vinegar worth your wait. Here comes the hand-made, organic, delicious apple cider vinegar recipe!

It is possible to prepare homemade apple cider vinegar with the fermenting method by paying attention to the tips in the recipe and to re-establish vinegar with the "mother of vinegar" you have obtained. Then come the soups with vinegar sauce, salads ... Health to your hands already!

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-2-liter glass jar
-1.5 liters of ready water
-4 green apples (either yellow or red)
-10 chickpeas
-1 tea glass of apple cider vinegar
-1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
-1 teaspoon of rock salt
Clean cloth or napkin to cover your mouth

25 Days

3 Jars

How to make

First, we wash the apples thoroughly. Then we peel the two apples and throw their peels into the jar.
Then we cut all the apples into quarters and throw them into the jar. We don't take them out, we just throw them away.
We add sugar, salt, and chickpeas on it.
Then we add 1 tea glass of vinegar and add your water.
When adding water, be careful not to fill the jar to the top, it will be 4-5 fingers down from the mouth.
Calmly put a clean cloth or tissue in your mouth and fix the rubber band.
It will stand for 25 days at room temperature. You have to mix it every day with a wooden spoon.

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