Homemade Tomato Paste


How beautiful it is, the smell of the tomatoes on the trays ... It has completely absorbed its water in the sunlight ... As we cannot get enough of telling, we cannot get enough of spreading it on toasted bread and eating it.

It used to be cooked in the sun for a long time ... Nowadays it is easiest to cook in a pot or in an oven. It's actually great for homes without a balcony. Well, how you do it is important since you don't get it ready. It is only your effort without adding any additives, cooked with your eye ... As we said, it does not matter how it is cooked, what matters is your bother of mixing and cooking with a wooden spoon.

Let's see, come out glass jars, have they been boiled in hot water... Here it is! Whatever it takes for the winter is all ok!

Bon appetit!

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-For 10 kg of tomatoes
-2 handfuls of pickled rock salt

15 Minutes

1 Can

How to make

After dividing the washed tomatoes into 4, cut them into plastic drums.
Put a handful of salt on the canister and leave it to stand in a sunny environment (balcony or garden). With the effect of the sun, the tomatoes will soften after about 4-5 days.
You can check it from time to time, this period may shorten and lengthen, the tomatoes will be completely ecstatic and softened.
Then squeeze through a fine-perforated strainer with your hand until only the peels are thick, and the paste you get will be quite juicy.
Pour it into a strainer with a smaller hole to drain the water and let it sit for 1 night.
After the water is drained, do not forget to take the tomato paste on a tray and sprinkle salt again.
Cover it with tulle so that no dust or flies are placed on it and mix it with a spoon at every opportunity until it absorbs the water in a sunny environment.
Note: The consistency of your paste should be very dark, in other words, it should be like liver on a spoon, if there is water in it, your paste will start to become sour and foam if it has absorbed enough water in the sun, nothing will happen to your paste.

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