Lentil Meatballs


The indispensable taste of the golden days, the favorite of singles and student houses, lentil meatballs are not only practical but also nutritious and delicious. Full restrained, those who could not find the best lentil patties recipe yet full of how-to wonder who the consistency of lentil patties with all the tricks of the practices described in your eyes against lentil patties!

You don't need to look elsewhere for the lentil patties presentation, what goes next to the lentil patties or what to do if the lentil patties are runny. Because today we will show our skills by entering the kitchen for the lentil patties made by the mother. With this recipe, we will send greetings to our beautiful mothers.

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-1 cup of red lentils
-1.5 cups fine fine bulgur
-1 head of onion
-1 bunch of parsley
-2-3 tablespoons of oil
-1 bunch of scallions
-2 tablespoons tomato paste (you can use mixed pepper and tomato paste)
-3 glasses of water (if necessary, a little more can be added during the kneading phase)
-Enough salt
-Chili pepper
-Black pepper

1.5 Hours

10 Servings

How to make

To make lentil patties, wash the lentils and put them in a suitable pan, and add 3 glasses of water. It is boiled until it is well softened.
When the water is absorbed, it is thrown into the bulgur and the pot is left with the lid closed for half an hour.
In a separate pan, the finely chopped onion is fried in oil until it turns slightly pink, add tomato paste and roast for another 1-2 minutes and remove from the stove.
After resting for half an hour, onions with tomato paste are added to the lentils, and when it reaches a temperature that does not burn, it is kneaded well.
Salt and spices are added to the well-mixed meatball mixture and kneaded again.
Finally, finely chopped parsley and finely chopped green onions are added. The materials are mixed well
After the meatball mortar cools down a little, all the ingredients are kneaded by hand and egg-sized pieces are cut off.
The meatballs are shaped and placed on lettuce or arugula leaves.

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