Low-Fat Karnıyarık Food


Sine qua non of tableware, the rice lover, cacığı's best friend, the recipe favorite, we are preparing mother karnıyarık plenty of orders. Let there be no one who does not hear. Let those who wish to join us. If you don't want to fry the eggplants, let them preheat your oven.

The main ingredient in the Karnıyarık recipe is, as always, the most enviable of vegetables is eggplant. As you know, it has taken place as the most popular vegetable in thousands of articles. Another prominent ingredient in the recipe is minced meat, which separates the cauliflower from the imam fainted. He also brings flavor to the recipe of a carnivore.

In this oven, we wanted to explain how to prepare the stuffed belly in a pot, and how to prepare the stuffed dish with step-by-step illustrated steps.

Even though the imam, who is a vegetarian carnivore, is not a guest in stories like he fainted, it is a story in itself. The unbelieving pilaf asks the cacik, the onion that is broken next to it. All restaurant food recipes will tell about his love for the carnivore.

So get ready, we have to enter the kitchen to make delicious eggplant, minced meat, onion, olive oil tonight.

Health to those who do.

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-6 small eggplants (if large, you can cut it in half)
-3 long green peppers

For Minced Mortar;

-2 medium onions
-2 tomatoes
-2 green peppers
-2 cloves of garlic
-Oil, salt, pepper, red pepper
-200 g ground beef
-1 tea glass of hot water

For the sauce;

-1 tablespoon tomato paste
-1 glass of hot water

55 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

Strip the eggplants and soak them in saltwater for half an hour so that they do not absorb oil.
After washing thoroughly, drain the water with a towel and fry in a little oil. Fry all 3 peppers in oil.
Then fry the chopped onions in the same pan, add the minced meat and fry for a while and fry for 2 more minutes by adding the peppers and garlic.
Add 2 tomatoes, salt, and spices that you have cut into cubes.
Boil for 5 minutes by adding a tea glass of water.
Place the eggplants in the tray by cutting the middle and press these cuts into the eggplant to make room for the filling and fill the eggplants with the material.
On the eggplants, you fill, divide the cherry tomato that you cut in half or 1 tomato in equal size and put one of the peppers we fried.
In a separate place, crush 1 spoon of tomato paste in 1 glass of hot water and pour between the eggplants. Do not pour the minced meat on it so that it does not come out.
Then put it in the oven that you have heated at 170 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes. If you wish, you can do this in a pot such as a rice pan on the stove. It will be cooked in the pot at the same time.
Enjoy your meal.

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