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It is possible to make cream cake slices at home, which is one of the favorite snacks of children! We have a recipe that is both safe and healthier than sweets for our little ones who want to go to the kitchen after coming to school and want junk food! Moreover, it is prepared in 20 minutes, does not bother you! It is a very enjoyable snack not only for children, but also for us as a child who never grows up inside us. If you wish, you can add fruits, chocolate drops or various nuts to flavor it.

Let's send you off below for the milk slice recipe that you can easily prepare with your children. This recipe will keep you complete and we are sure you will love it. We have left our video milk slice recipe below, hope you enjoy it, bon appetit!

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For the cake:

-2 eggs
-Half a glass of powdered sugar
-Half a glass of milk
-Half a glass of oil
-2 soup spoons of cocoa
-1 glass of flour
-1 baking powder
-1 vanilla

For the cream:

-1 pack of 200 ml cream
-1 pack of cream santi
-1 tablespoon of honey
-2-3 drops of lemon

45 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

First of all, we mix the cream centi with all the ingredients and rest it in the fridge to solidify.
For the cake, we first whisk the egg and then add milk and oil.
Then we add flour, powdered sugar, cocoa vanilla and baking powder and pour it into the baking tray on which we lay oily paper.
We bake at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes, cut our baked cake in half, apply the cream we have prepared on one side and cover the other part of the cake. (on the bottom of the cake)
Then we cut it square or rectangular and rest for 3-5 hours in the fridge (you can add banana or chocolate chips if desired).

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