Mince Soda Pastry


The flowing water stops when talking about pastry recipes. It is a pleasure to be consumed at breakfast, a taste to be eaten warm with tea. Especially in the case of a pastry with lots of cheese and cooked in the right consistency, a big smile of happiness will appear on the faces. When it is hand open, its taste is, of course, many different. However, delicious pastries are also made with ready-made dough. Come on then let's introduce you to a delicious recipe! A puffy pastry with soda that is puffed like a puff, the layers of dough are separated one by one, the inside is soft, the outside is crispy and it is very difficult to fit in its bowl.

The soda (also known as mineral water) in its recipe; The sauce you prepare and the filling you use keeps the interior soft. It's already time to put the tea on the stove. Health to your hands already!

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-5 pieces of dough
-1 glass of water Milk
-1 finger missing oil from -1 glass of water
-1 bottle of soda (plain mineral water)


-2 tablespoons of oil
-200 gr minced meat
-3 medium onions
-black pepper


-egg yolk

45 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

We roast finely chopped onions in oil.
We add the minced meat and cook it by roasting it until the water is pulled.
We add the spices parsley and salt and mix it a little and take it from the stove. We leave to cool.
We mix milk, mineral water and oil well in a bowl.
We spread the dough as shown in the figure and apply it from the mixture.
We fold it in a semicircle and apply this part from the mixture.
We put it in a long section of minced meat and fold it in a roll.
We divide it into four equal parts and put them on a greased or paper-laid tray.
We apply the same process to other phyllo dough.
We pour the remaining sauce over each of them with the help of a spoon.
We put the tray in the fridge and wait for 2 hours.
We put egg yolk on it and bake it in a preheated 180 degree oven until golden brown. Bon Appetit

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