Minced Pasta Recipe


Pasta with minced meat is one of the main dishes we have been eating since our childhood.

If you are one of those who say I have a hard time eating spaghetti pasta and I am smearing the sauce on my face, you can prepare the recipe with the pasta of your choice.

Meet the most filling, most powerful form of pasta recipes.

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-Half a pack of pasta
-100g ground beef
-250g tomato sauce
-Liquid oil

50 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

While pasta is boiled, sauce is prepared on the other hand.
Minced meat is fried in oil, then tomato sauce is added.
Add 1 scoop of pasta from boiled water and cook the sauce.
Since the tomato sauce has spices, garlic and basil, I didn't add it separately, but if you are going to use tomatoes instead of the sauce, it is for adding garlic, spices, basil.
The sauce is taken from the stove after cooking.
Serve the sauce over the pasta in your language. The choice is yours
. It brings a delicious pasta to your seasonal cuisine.

Bon Appetit.

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