Mini Pizzas


Wouldn't it be a festivity for homes if the yeast dough decided to be tiny little pizzas? We think it will be and be eaten with pleasure. You can prepare mini pizzas with breakfast products in your home and enjoy it with tea.

If you are ready, we start to leaven the dough

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For the dough;

-1 scrambled egg
-4 tablespoons of yogurt
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-2 teaspoons of salt
-half pack instant yeast
-1.5 cups flour

For the above;

-Tomato sauce
-Grated Cheddar Cheese
-Sausage, olives, tiny tomatoes

40 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Let's open our double-locked bag for the dough of our pizza and pour scrambled eggs, yogurt, sugar, salt, half a pack of instant yeast, and flour into it.
Let's lock our bag and let the dough mix well by turning the bag in our hands.
Let's knead our dough easily thanks to the Locked Bag.
Let's leave the ready dough in warm water and wait for it to ferment for 15 minutes.
While the dough is fermented, let's place the baking paper on top of each other and put the pan that we will cook on it. Let's cut our papers a little bigger than the pan.
After the cutting process is completed, let's take one of the baking paper to our pan.
Let's squeeze all of our dough that is fermented on it and spread the dough in a circle with the help of a spoon. At this stage, you can dip your spoon into the oil so that the dough does not stick to the spoon.
If your baking pan is smaller, you can bake the dough two times and prepare two small pizzas. Let's spread tomato sauce on the dough. We used breakfast sauce, or you can apply a mixture you prepared with tomato paste and spices.
Let's spread the grated cheddar cheese on the sauce and place the ingredients according to your taste.
We used sausage, olives, and tiny tomatoes.
Let's fold the edges of the pizza we have prepared by placing the baking paper on it.
Thanks to the baking paper, both the bottom and top parts of our pizza will be cooked beautifully with its own steam.
Finally, let's take our pizza to the stove by closing a suitable lid on our pan.
Let's cook it over medium or low heat until the base of our pizza turns pink.
Let's open the paper of our pizza that we bought from the stove and take it to the serving plate.
With its soft and delicious dough, we prepared our pizza practically without removing any dishes.
Bon appetit to those who will try.

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