Mini Turkish Pancake


The mini pancake recipe is one of the recipes that will decorate your breakfast tables quickly and practically with fewer ingredients. Thanks to this recipe, you can find the taste of flatbread we know at weekend breakfasts and other meals of the day according to what you want.
Since it is very easy and fast to make mini pancakes, it will take its special place in your kitchens as a flavor that you can serve to your unexpected guests and will not let you down.

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-2 dough sheets
-Half a bowl of feta cheese
-Half a bowl of cheddar cheese
-1 pinch of parsley

To fry:

-Liquid oil

35 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Cut the parsley finely, add it to the cheese and mix well.
Laying the dough on a flat surface, divided into 4 in the form of a pizza slice.
Put 1 piece of dough in a cool, right in the middle of the inner mortar, the sides of the pancake will be square.
You can close one edge to the bottom, even if the bottom layer is not thin.
Wrap all the dough in the same way.
Put oil in the pan and fry the pancakes. Bon Appetit.

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