Mosaic Cake Recipe


As a result of working hard in the kitchen when we were children, we produced delicious desserts and cakes from the delicious hands of our mothers that we will never forget for our entire life. This cake was without a doubt the mosaic cake itself! This easy mosaic cake is a very easy and practical recipe that is always guaranteed to taste that everyone loves and eats. Let's tell you one by one the secrets of the biscuit mosaic cake. We are here with the pötibör biscuit mosaic cake recipe that takes you on a sweet journey towards our memories!

It is one of the most delicious cake recipes that biscuits, butter, granulated sugar, and cocoa come together. This time, we added different ingredients and added flavor to the classic mosaic cake recipe. This triangle mosaic cake is so easy to make, practical and so delicious ...

Come on then! Come to our mosaic cake video that shows the most beautiful mosaic cake recipe and the steps to make.

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-300 gr petit-beurre biscuits
-100 g of melted margarine or butter
-1 egg (optional)
-½ glass of milk (if you do not use eggs, you can use 1 glass of milk)
-½ cup granulated sugar
-1 pack of cocoa (3 tablespoons)

To decorate:

-Coconut or Bain-marie Melted Chocolate

40 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

Break the biscuits into small pieces, but do not crumble.
Thoroughly mix the melted butter, milk, egg, sugar, and cocoa in a bowl.
Then pour this mixture over the biscuit pieces.
You can also add hazelnuts and walnuts to your taste.
Then combine the material and shape it into a roll shape by hand or shape it into a mold of your choice.
Finally, dip it in coconut and wrap it in a bag, or you can also garnish with chocolate before serving.
You can serve it after keeping it in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

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